The Eitri Difference

Eitri (pronounced "E-tree") Foundry develops, designs, builds and finances utility and commercial solar projects. Through transparent communication with our partners, we have successfully brought private capital to public power and underserved communities, helping them to save on their electrical procurement needs.

Grafton Solar Park Ribbon Cutting!

Congratulations and many thanks to the Village of Grafton for allowing us to collaborate and bring the benefits of solar energy to your municipality!

With your help, we were able to sign an agreement in November of 2018 and reach a successful completion November of 2019!

Benefits Beyond Economics

Solar energy is a technology that by its very nature brings control of a resource back to the local community and brings people together. We aim to realize that sense of community involvement in all of our projects.
BCSN aired a news segment that highlights several of the benefits brought forth by a solar project. See what the community has to say about our project below, or view the comments directly on BCSN's Facebook page.