Eitri Foundry was created to mitigate execution risk and improve deal flow that would build relationships with investors based on trust, transparency and mutual respect. We strive to do so by merging in-house design, development experience and financial strength, all from partners who share a unified vision and definition for success that does not compromise business ethics. 

Lian Niu - Managing Member

Lian has been actively involved in multiple facets of commercial and utility scale solar project deployment since 2009. While completing his Master's in Electrical Engineering from the City College of New York, Lian worked with REgeneration Finance as an Associate Engineer to help finance 12 MW of projects across 40+ school sites across the country. After Regeneration Finance, Lian left New York City to join Orlando based solar project developer, SolarBlue. SolarBlue developed projects in Puerto Rico, where Lian became familiar with early battery storage technology for deployment in island grid infrastructure in combination with solar. Later on, Lian was instrumental in helping an Orlando based EPC company scale operations. At Eitri Foundry, Lian is responsible for project evaluation, acquisition, strategic planning and marketing. 

Zachary Sadowsky - Director of Business Development

Zack holds a BSBA in Business Management from the University of Central Florida. Diving right into solar after graduation, Zack managed financial modeling, project development, and acquisition evaluations for a number of utility scale solar projects. Zack was instrumental in sourcing and developing greenfield projects by working with landowners, negotiating land securities, working with third party consultants and executing on contracts with a total appraised worth of over $30M in his first year in solar.

Zack joined the Eitri team to continue his career path in business development and business management in the energy industry. At the Foundry, Zack is responsible for managing projects through their permitting and development phases. Additionally, Zack manages channel relations with third party financiers.

Christopher McCabe - Director of Operations

Christopher was a Federal Renewable Energy Project Manager for Legatus6, LLC managing the development of 12 distributed megawatts for various military and space agencies nationally. Before that, he was Principal and CTO for Aeries Energy Capital, a renewables project development and finance firm, focused on the commercial, public and small-utility sectors of the US and International markets. Aeries brought to market over 20 megawatts including the EPA Brown Site at Vertellus Industries in Indianapolis and consulted on national and international projects totaling over 120 megawatts of solar PV.

Christopher’s primary responsibility at the Foundry is to ensure that all projects enter and exit the construction phases smoothly and can uphold a high standard for workmanship.

Andrew Hsu, PhD - Senior Technology Manager

Andrew is the Senior Technology Officer of Eitri Foundry. Andrew holds a PhD in power systems and has had one year of postdoctoral research at NASA Ames Research Center. His studies have been focused on power systems and related engineering skills such as control systems, electromechanical machines and test systems. Andrew holds and has been involved with filing numerous patents related to line flow computing and various methods to control AC power flow. At the Foundry, Andrew is involved in various engineering tasks, but is primarily tasked with establishing relationships with the various battery manufacturers and the technologies offered. Andrew will be the key technical personnel in gauging how technology may guide the market or direct the Foundry’s strategy and resource allocation. Andrew will also be in charge of research and development for new products and customized solutions for energy storage applications.

Alexis Tejada - Senior Project Manager

Alexis is Eitri Foundry’s Senior Project Manager. Alexis holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on photonics and remote sensing. Prior to joining the solar industry, Alexis managed $15M worth of high-technology manufacturing projects at Princetel, Inc. Seeking a new challenge and greater technical involvement, Alexis joined the fight for renewable energy in 2016 when he became involved in the development, analysis, and engineering of over 100 MW of utility scale solar projects, with a special focus on Latin American solar bids and auctions. At Eitri Foundry, Alexis is responsible for developmental, technical, and project management support.

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Eitri Foundry is comprise of energy industry engineers who are unified by their mission to bring private capital to help fund municipal and commercial solar projects.

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