Anyone who has worked in the solar industry has seen their fair share of projects stall and falter. Project development has various pitfalls in financing, engineering, permitting and legal structuring that are not always obvious from the start. Learning from over 40 years of combined industry experience, Eitri Foundry was formed to mitigate as much risk as possible without jeopardizing our streamlined ability to bring projects to completion. As a result, Eitri Foundry has been able to successfully bring all it's projects to completion within one year of contract execution.

While Eitri Foundry tries to take on as much responsibility as possible to reduce execution risk, we understand that a critical component to making these projects work is the support and cooperation from local communities and professional partners. We prefer to look at every project as a partnership rather than as a transaction between a client and service provider. By upholding transparency as one of our core values, we strive to create long, sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships with each partner we work with.

Eitri Foundry, LLC

121 S Orange Ave, Suite 1170
Orlando, FL 32801

Eitri Foundry is comprise of energy industry engineers who are unified by their mission to bring private capital to help fund municipal and commercial solar projects.

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