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More than just a developer EPC 

Eitri Foundry actively seeks new ways to implement renewable technologies to maximize benefits to the communities that host our projects. We do this by aligning community needs and implementing innovative methods to create sustainable practices when it comes to economic development, local job creation, infrastructure improvements and supporting educational facilities.   

By the end of 2021, Eitri Foundry's projects will have generated over $1M of local tax revenue for project host communities that will be used to fund schools, fire departments, police and other municipal operations. 

We work with local labor and local content to support the communities we work with and have found innovative ways to help promote renewable public power. 

Aluminum Supplier

$15.6M Spent
with Ohio-based vendors

Eitri Foundry works with numerous Ohio based small businesses, manufacturers and service providers. From 2017 to 2021, we've spent $15.6M to support local jobs.

Improving Corporate Sustainability

Recognizing that municipalities rely on the health and well being of their business tenants, Eitri Foundry works with municipalities like the Village of Minster to improve the long term sustainability of these organizations. Bundling RECs (renewable energy credits) with long term non-escalating PPAs has helped to improve long term business practices with a sustainability mindset.  

22,288 Residents

Bringing clean public power to communities is our mission. As of 2021, Eitri Foundry has developed projects to serve 7 different municipal partners, reaching 22,288 homes and 1,686 businesses.

Senior Man Working from Home

Proud members of ASGA

As a proud and active member of the American Solar Grazers Association (ASGA), Eitri Foundry has the unique ability to share the story of how agricultural land owners can work with solar developers like Eitri, to define this emerging market. ASGA aims to promote healthy commerce and communication between farmers and solar companies by giving members the tools needed to properly engage in the developing field of agrivoltaics.

Technology Class

taxes generated

Further supporting the communities we serve, Eitri Foundry's projects generate over $202,000 in annual local tax revenue to support schools and public services. 

Peak Shaving for the Village of Grafton

Eitri Foundry worked with the Village of Grafton, Ohio to design, develop and build a 5.7 megawatt solar energy generation facility that reached operation in December of 2019. Now, after a full year of commercial operation, Mayor David DiVencenzo and Village Administrator Joe Price talk about their experience with getting solar into Ohio and the benefits it has brought to their community.

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